STATION 8. Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem

Arent Weevers: Josephine’s Well, 2011,3D (stereoscopic) video installation, 3′37″. Music: David Dramm. arentweevers.com

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In our turbulent times with growing insecurities you can react in two ways: try to save yourself in a Pavlovian response or, with spirit and compassion, ask yourself who is most affected by the storm. Jesus always had the impression that other people were worse off than himself. Why? Because he acted from a position of serene calm, from a profound relationship with the Creator. He saw how orphaned others were.  While being tormented, he himself comforted the weeping women.

The visitor to this station is made to observe human vulnerability and strength, in this case in female bodies. Is it possible to extend this observance into an exercise in compassion, a way of relating to the o/Other?

Location: Doopsgezinde Singelkerk (Singel Mennonite Church), Singel 452. Amsterdam has been a center of Mennonite activities since 1530. This church, dating from 1639, is a perfect example of a hidden church: a church that is not recognisable as such from the street. The 3D (stereoscopic) video installation Josephine’s Well has been placed in a marble hall next to the ‘cloister’ (two covered alleys). Recently the old well of this building was excavated right next to this space.

text: Anikó Ouweneel